Friday, 6 June 2008

Before laying the money on the table

Perhaps the most important thing that must be done when you are ready to begin planning your wedding is to first create your budget. Your budget is important because it is almost impossible to know what you can afford for each aspect of the wedding if you don't give yourself a limit to the overall spending costs.

For most people, creating the budget is the hardest job to do because you want to have the nicest and most memorable wedding that you can afford.

The days when the wedding is paid for by the parents of the bride are practically gone now. Parents will often make a contribution at some level, but it is rather rare for parents to cover the whole cost of the wedding these days. Usually it is because the parents simply can't afford it, but couples today often prefer to pay for their own weddings because it ensures that they can do it the way that they want to without interference.

According to some experts in the field the average cost for weddings in the US amounts to about 45 dollars per guests. If you are going to have a huge wedding, that will of course add up rather quickly. In total cost the average is about 8 500 dollars. If that sounds like an awful lot of money, you'll be pleased to hear that there are many ways in which to (even quite dramatically) reducing the costs of your weddings. I don't like the term "settling for something", but it goes without saying that for a lover sum you may have to cherry pick the things you really want.

When we're mentioning figures anyway, it is also worth pointing out that it is indeed not entirely uncommon for people to spend $30,000 on their reception alone, but history has also seen charming receptions that set the couple back only a couple of hundred dollars. Your goals and the funds available to you will naturally dictate which alternative will be the best one for you.

Once the official limit has finally been set it's time to start doing the actual math. Part of planning the budget involves neatly categorizing all the things you will need and then calculating as exactly as possible how much money will be spent for each category. Even if you should try to stick to facts as much as possible, a certain amount of guessing to figure out how much they are going to spend will most often be involved. Where you can't say exactly, at least try to define rough estimations of the cost.

Once the estimations are made the couple can move on to the shopping around phase, finding out how much the items they need or want will actually cost as well as the various options and vendors that are available to them. By having a basic budget set from the start, the couple will then more easily be able to identify areas where they can cut corners and save money.

To sum up, it is extremely important not to overlook the importance of well planned wedding budget. In the end the hard work will more than likely pay itself back in more than one way.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Feeling anxious about wedding planning?

Wedding planning is an exciting time of your life, but it can be pretty stressful as well. In fact, the level of work involved is quite enough and the last thing you need are those intrusive family members and friends telling you what to do, and what not to do, on how you should be planning your wedding. Sometimes you may not express yourself just to stay out of trouble, or maybe your just afraid to speak up.

It's perfectly normal for you to feel a little anxious when it comes to planning a wedding. I've been there, done that. You're wondering right now how to get the most out of your wedding. This is the first in a series of article where I will try to help you figure it out, I'll try to advice you to the best of my knowledge. Planning a wedding can be quite tough on all the people involved. Everyone, all absolutely included, will have an idea on what you should do and how you should do it.

Go ahead and tell them that the only way that matters is your way! Albeit, within a reasonable economical frame of course. Because where the dirt hits the road you and your fiancé are the only two people who matter. Plan your wedding like you want to have it. Naturally you shouldn't run people over left and right, and hurt people's feelings either.

When you're in love and about to get married, the world tends to become another place. It is important to both cherish this feeling, while opening your eyes to reality at the same time. A wedding will not plan itself, but you should also not allow it to become such an undertaking that you - or your love for your partner - is consumed in the process.

Although a good planning strategy is the corner stones of a great wedding, you also need to relax. I can from experience tell you that almost every wedding has a way of turning out great in the end.

Make no mistake though, planning a wedding is a huge undertaking. I have determined that there are several areas that will need extra attention if you're going to SAVE BIG MONEY on your wedding costs. You'll need to have a serious heart to heart with your fiancé. This process will help you to determine what is a priority for you as a couple.

One of the first things to discuss is if there are certain things specific to the wedding that you must have. It could be special arrangements for the musical entertainment or a certain color to wear. Or it could be a particular location to have the wedding or reception at.

For example, I know a bride who absolutely wanted to have her wedding at an exclusive resort. The wedding chapel was in the midst of a garden beyond belief. While they spent a great deal on reserving the location, they actually ended up saving money because they didn't have to buy flowers. Once you determine your must haves, you can then begin to incorporate them into your wedding.

When it all comes down to it, wedding planning is certainly one of the most difficult things many person will do during their lives. Because it requires the need for so many different items to be decided upon and choreographed, many people choose to simply hire their own personal wedding planner.

In either case you can get inspiration and many wedding planning ideas from the site

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Some suggestions on candy wedding favors

Having a sweet desert after the meal is something usually reserved for special occasions. It doesn't always have to be some elaborate concoction containing lots of whipped cream either, but perhaps just a piece or two of delicious chocolate or something similar. For this reason candy in its various forms makes for a very good wedding favor.

The options when it comes to candy wedding favors are as varied as for wedding in general - the can be handmade, or perhaps made by yourself to mark the occasion. From luxurious truffles complete with the names of the bride and groom, to classic foiled chocolate hearts, you can come up with many wedding candy ideas that are as original as they are tasty.

About the only problem you are likely to face is that not everyone perhaps likes chocolate, or candy, or mints or anything else you decide to use for your wedding favors. A way to get around this would be to have a large collection of various sweets available and then everyone can pick their own.

Just fill an appropriate vessel with a selection of candy wedding favors that are sure to cater to all kinds of tastes. This is the way to go if you do not want to settle on something definitive - just buy a a little bit of of everything to throw into the mix. What you loose from this is of course the possibility of having each favor personalized.

Also, if you include nuts in any form, make sure they are wrapped and clearly labeled so that anyone with allergies will not eat them by mistake.

Making them yourself

In order to reduce costs, it is a reasonably straightforward affair to make the candy wedding favors yourself. Making chocolate favors is as simple as melting your favorite chocolate and pouring it in a mould, then finally wrapping them in colored foil. If you so desire you can of course go more advanced and make truffle-kind of chocolates by adding butter, cream and possibly other (alcohol) flavorings.

For hard candy, you can strive to buy in bulk to get a good discount and buy your wedding favor boxes or bags separately. Simply doing the packaging yourself will reduce the costs a great deal, which is perfect if you are on a limited budget. All it takes is a little time and effort.

If you want to do something a little more elaborate, it may be a good idea to have someone else take care of organizing your candy wedding favors for you. Personalized favors for example, would be a stylish choice?

Miniature chocolate bars complete with a personalized wrapper with the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding on them make for a a slightly more sophisticated wedding favor. For hard candy the same thing could be used with the personalization on the box instead.

Coming up with a wedding favor that will have everyone absolutely jumping with joy may be a comparatively difficult trick to pull off. But sweets is usually quite a safe bet, as most people will at least enjoy them.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

The edible wedding favor tradition

When it comes to selecting favors for your wedding, going for something that will be well appreciated by all guests is the most important goal. That is the least you can do to show gratitude towards those who help make your important day into a golden memory. Almost regardless of age, wedding favors of the edible kind is something a guest will truly enjoy.

Among the edible traditional wedding favors we have the Jordan Almond. These would be grouped together with about three or four pieces, wrapped in tulle, with an adorable ribbon as an added flair. Guests would be treated to one of these small packages each at their seat. To this day, this is still a perfectly acceptable edible wedding favor, especially for a bride and groom that feels strongly about keeping up traditions.

Truly tasty favors

There are so many options available when on starts to research edible wedding favors that the bride and groom may have trouble deciding. they should choose a favor that represents them as a pair. For instance, if they enjoy staying in on Sunday morning while reading the newspaper and drinking coffee, then they could treat their guests to individual personalized coffee packs. These can also be found in tea, hot cocoa, cappuccino, and alcoholic mixes as well. These edible wedding favors are packaged nicely with a choice of designs that will supplement the overall environment of the wedding.

There is certainly not a lack of alternatives to choose from when it comes to edible wedding favor. In fact, there are so many that some couples find it almost impossible to make their decision. A good advice in this situation is to try and find a favor that has a special relevancy for this bride and groom in particular. If the people to be married are big on, let's say coffee or tea, the guests could receive customized coffee or tea packs. Selecting an edible ingredient you know a lot about makes the entire process much simpler, and all you need to do tois to add a finishing touch in the form of attractive packaging and presentation.

Some edible wedding favors are perhaps quite inventive and calls for the touch of some one with style. Most people enjoy tasty things like chocolate covered strawberries, but some retailers are now using white chocolate to design a little bride and milk chocolate for the groom's tux. These chocolate covered strawberries look just like bridal attire. Another fantastic option is to have cookies stamped with a photograph of the bride and groom, or they can choose from other popular wedding designs. These look beautiful and are sure to inspire awe from guests.

Other unique edible wedding favors to choose from include personalized chocolate bars. The bride and groom can choose from different designs or add their own picture to the candy bar wrapper. Then they can add their names and wedding date. The company will ship the wrappers only so the couple can buy fresh, standard sized candy bars and put the wrappers on themselves.

All in all, having wedding favors of the edible kind is almost almost a surefire way to please your guests. This allows the wedded couple to feel good about themselves and will certainly make the guests fell they have received a special treat.

Or at least that is my experience.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Having a beautiful wedding dress

From unraveling the perfect wedding dress maker to locating the faultless length and style, one can think of plenty of considerations when it comes to getting literally what you want for that quality wedding. When it comes to choosing the definite wedding gown, nothing is more essential than the reputation and credibility of the wedding dress maker. 
An example of the initial decisions that must be made is the model of wedding dress that best meets your requirements. If the wedding take place in a church or if it is a beach wedding will for sure compel the sort of dress you are looking for.

Setting your heart on a specific design simply to find that it isn't attainable due to age or over your budget limit then ask around for a reproduction of the picked wedding dress you had in mind. If you're pregnant you might have to shop for your wedding dress in the maternity section, but that doesn't mean you can't look like a million dollars.

After you have opted for your wedding dress, the clerk or the shop’s seamstress will take measurements of your bust, waist and hips, and decide if the dress needs to be taken up. Once you have chosen the shape, appearance and fashion for your wedding dress, you are likewise ready to bear in mind the type of material.  After you have selected your wedding dress hang it in the bag it comes in and don't show it to everybody. 

Whatever fashion, color or price range you eventually decide on when choosing your wedding dress, don't forget that it's your fiance you love more than anything, not your dress. Don't forget that you are going to have to be fitted - up to 3 times - in advance your wedding dress fits clearly. 

It doesn't matter what figure you maintain, there is a wedding dress out there that is all-embracing for you.  The model of dress that is faultless for a casual beach wedding is perhaps not so without faults for a wedding in a more formal setting, so it is essential to determine the model of wedding ceremony you are planning as you are looking around for the all-embracing wedding dress.  These outdoor wedding venues can offer certain types of extraordinary challenges, so it's imperative to think about the kind of wedding ceremony when in the market for the faultless summer wedding dress. 

It's a perfect idea to search for the faultless summer wedding dress at specialty bridal boutiques, large bridal superstores, upscale department stores and dress makers when in the market for the faultless dress. An example of the foremost places to start the search for the definite winter wedding dress is the local state-of-the-art shopping mall.  If you can keep in mind that the wedding is a celebration you are going to be better capable to avoid the stress that at times comes with the search for the all-embracing destination wedding dress. 

Of course there is no argument that shopping for a destination wedding dress cannot be lots of fun, and it is imperative to keep that sense of fun about you as you shop for the complete dress. Common sense prevails when obtaining the definite wedding dress on the internet, as a result of the way the purchase is to be handled, it's a good chance that you simply get to see the dress by photo so make certain to check measurements and be particular when asking details on the condition of the dress.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Memorable summer weddings

Besides your own wedding, that should of course be a fabulous memory for life, going to s friends wedding can be very memorable as well. Summer weddings can be especially memorable, and although it is your friends important day, there's no reason why you wouldn't pick out something fabulous to wear for yourself. Here are a few tips and ideas for dressing up for your best friends wedding.

As the made of honor

There aren't really any rule against a made of honor wearing something white, a hat for example. But it is good manners to not compete with the bride - your best friend - on her important day, be it a summer wedding or otherwise. It will be your turn to really shine all dressed in white at your own wedding. Thus, unless it's you who are getting married, you shouldn't be wearing white at all.

Being the made of honor means that you will be standing right next to the bride so you must look your best for the part. You should dress differently than the other bridesmaids. You must visually announce to the people who are attending the wedding that you are the maid of honor by wearing something that makes you stand out from the other girls in the bridal entourage. For example, if the wedding colours are peach and gold, you may wear a golden gown while the other girls are dressed in peach coloured gowns. But what if there is only one wedding colour selected by the bride? If there is only one wedding colour, you can still wear a dress of the same colour and have it style differently instead. Wearing some distinctive accessories is also a good idea.

Going as a guest

If you have to travel far for the wedding and you do not have time to perform some special roles during your best friend’s summer wedding, do not let this hold you back. You will still have a great time just going and attending as a special guest on your best friend's summer wedding. Even so, just because you are not part of the bridal entourage, doesn't mean that you can forget about looking great during the ceremony and party held afterwards.

For any outdoor wedding, especially those held in the summer, one of those nice pastel coloured dresses can be an excellent choice. As the weather can be very hot during the summer (if you're lucky), you should take this into consideration by avoiding dresses with long sleeves. Heavy make up can likewise be a bad idea, unless you want to end up melting like a snow(wo)man.

P.S. I have previously written a series of wedding planning checklist articles here.